Overcome Emotional Eating: What’s Really Eating You?

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Hello, and welcome to my new course, “What’s Really Eating You.”

My first course, “Emotional Eating: Triggers and Solutions” is a practical, quick-to-learn guide for getting on a plan and understanding the foundational steps to help you control emotional eating.  It is the course I recommend to those who are just starting out on the journey and need to recognize their triggers of emotional eating and find methods of control that work for them.

In “What’s Really Eating You,” I want to take you to the next level of freedom by showing you the secrets I share with my coaching clients on how to lose weight and maintain that loss for as long as you want.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know emotional eating eventually sabotaged every diet I ever tried.  It was something that kept pushing me back every time I made progress on my plan to keep the weight off –  that is until I found systems that dealt with the root problem (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t the diet . . . .)

I found ways to face what was really eating me and driving me to food for comfort or stress relief.  Overcoming my self-sabotage helped me feel in control again so I could make good choices instead of creating bad habits.  I love helping others understand what’s eating them and how to manage the habits of self-sabotage that control them.  If you can’t participate in one of my group or one-on-one coaching plans, this course will help keep you on track.

This course helps you:

Set realistic goals, calibrate a plan for your body, identify what works for your heart and mind, recognize how you sabotage your efforts, eliminate excuses, redeem emotional eating, manage guilt and shame, and stay on track to get where you most want to go – and stay.  It will help you face your stuff, so you no longer need to stuff your face.

I hope you will let me guide you on the journey to be free of emotional eating.

You truly can face your stuff and be free of emotional eating.

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