Emotional Eating: Triggers and Solutions

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Hello and welcome to my Quick Start course for Losing Weight AND Keeping It Off. 

Emotional Eating sabotaged every diet I ever tried.  I’d get frustrated or upset, and bam!  I was off to the snack machine or refrigerator searching for comfort.  To get free of that automatic response, I had to recognize and overcome my triggers of emotional eating — they drove me to eat not when I was hungry but when I needed comfort.

When my clients wanted something quick and practical for getting started on a plan, I created this course with foundational steps to help them get on track and included help to identify and overcome their triggers so they could stay on track.  This course also gives those new to my practice a chance to try the program, follow the initial steps, and see quick results.

This course contains the essential lessons that my clients have found most helpful in starting to break their habit of emotional eating and moving toward their weight loss goals.

I have designed this course to be quick and easy to follow so you can make the most progress in the least amount of time.  With six videos and assignments, this course can be completed in two weeks or less.  Think of that – 14 days to recognize what triggers you to eat and learn what to do about it. What would it be like to stop being triggered to eat for emotional reasons?  How many calories and lost pounds would you save yourself?  Learn your triggers and how to manage them, and you can make any nutrition plan work.

Just like any teaching/learning opportunity, the full value of the course and desired results come by doing the assignments and consistently putting the lessons into practice.  Some of the ideas may seem obvious or simple to you, and they are simply powerful.  Try them, put them into practice throughout your day.  You truly can Overcome Your Triggers of Emotional Eating.

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